Iceland July 2016

Ultralight and Offroad
Item Description
1 Eureka Solitaire bivy style tent
2 Fireside Mummy 2C sleeping bag
3 Klymit Static V sleeping pad
4 Silk Inlet warmth and smell protection
5 Space Blanket for emergencies
6 Patio Window Insulation Film ultralight groundsheet
Item Description
1 Aluminum Mug serves as my cooking pot
2 Ti Snowpeak Spork -
3 Penny Stove uses white alcohol, made from pop can
4 Aluminum Foil windshield
5 Rag to clean off food
6 BRS Ultralight Stove uses gas canisters, weighs nothing
7 Sawyer Squeeze water filter and back flush syringe
8 Platypus Bladder 1L dirty water bag
9 MSR Domedary 4L water bladder
10 Compass kinda works
11 Swiss Army climber version I think
12 BIC Lighter starts stove
Item Description
1 Toothbrush ultralight ☺
2 Toothpaste travel size
3 Floss -
4 Chapstick -
5 Sewing Kit thread, needle, needle threader
6 Micro-fibre Towel -
7 Tissues 10
8 Disinfectant Pads -
9 Contact Solution -
10 Dr. Bonner's Soap magical stuff
11 Sunscreen -
12 Glasses I am blind
13 Pill Bottle painkillers and sinus pills
14 Contact Lens spare
15 Contact Case -
16 Razor Blade not sure if I will be shaving
17 Bandages assortment of sizes
Cycle Clothes
Item Description
1 Helmet goes on head
2 Padded Cycle Shorts essential for sit bones
3 Fingerless Gloves padded
Item Description
1 Crocs comfy, dry quick. Will use for crossing water
2 Baseball Cap sun protection
3 Wool Headband ear protection
4 Rain Pants -
5 Sunglasses in silk bag
6 Buff merino wool
7 Rain Jacket in mesh bag
8 Waterproof Boots for cycling and hiking
9 Down Jacket cheap Chinese ultralight
Item Description
1 Long Sleeve Sweater half-zip, merino wool
2 T Shirt merino wool
3 T Shirt loose fit cotton
4 Boxers 2 pairs, merino wool
5 Ankle Socks 2 pairs, merino wool
6 Long johns polyester mix (?)
7 Swim Trunks has an inner mesh
Item Description
1 Smart Phone 4000mah battery and gps unit
2 Phone Charger USB to NA outlet
3 Plug Adapter NA to EU
4 Cable USB to USB-C
5 External Battery 20100mah Anker PowerCore
6 Earbuds -
Item Description
1 Mini Pump has pressure gauge
2 Zip ties -
3 Tire Lever single
4 Multitool different sized hex keys
5 Tube patches sandpaper and patches
6 Monkey Wrench only to remove pedals for plane ride
7 Duct Tape rolled up on itself
8 Spare Tube will have 2
9 Extra Hose Clamp used to attach cages to bike fork
Bike Bags
Item Description
1 Salsa Anything Cages will only bring one
2 Apidura Saddle Pack 17L capacity
3 Apidura Handlebar Pack 20L capacity
4 Apidura Top Tube Pack 0.8L capacity
5 Phantom Pack Custom Frame Bag ~9L capacity, custom made in Canada ❤
Item Description
1 Cloth Wallet ID, credit card, debit card
2 Stuff dry bags, ziploc bags, plastic bags, passport, rubber bands
Everything together
Packed up to go
Looking pretty sexy
And on the bike

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