Canadian Born

World Raised

Born Alessandro Minali in Ontario, Canada.

Coming from a background in mechanical design and micro-controller programming, I have always had a passion for the creating on the internet. Following that hobby I learned to use Ruby on Rails at the peak of it's popularity so I could create my own web apps. I now am a Full Stack Web Developer, eager to get my hands dirty with the latest in tech.

Away from the computer I have a deep love of cycling and more often that not I spend all my spare time either doing long distance cycle tours or weekend escapes on mountain trails. My dream is to one day take off on a world spanning expedition by bicycle. This website is about me sharing that passion.

I currently have 3 bikes:

  • 2008 Giant Ocr 1 Racing / Commuter
  • 2015 Salsa El Mariachi 3 Mountain / Off Road / Adventure
  • 2015 Specialized Crux Gravel / Cross

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