Trip Report CDT: Wyoming pt3

Border Hopping

My third zero day, no miles to be hiked today! I wasn't planning on hanging around but I have a package arriving at the next town that I'd arrive at on a Sunday(post office will be closed). I leave my room once to get food from the grocery store nearby and spend the rest of the day lounging in my room.

I wake up and head over to Walmart to resupply and then stop at a Subway for a foot-long sub. Everyone has been telling me to try the Thai restaurant in town but it doesn't open until 1100h. I debate with myself whether to wait or not but I decide I need to try and enjoy things more often. I find a side street and take a nap until opening time. The wait is worth it as I order a Thai bubble tea and a green curry which is mouth-wateringly tasty.

With my stomach near bursting I finally hike out of town. One local driving by asks if I need a ride but I decline. Another one stops me and asks "Do you take health supplements?". I look back confused and he smiles "Vitamin D and Vitamin C", as he points to a box in his passenger seat of donuts and lifts up his coffee cup. I thank him for the offer but refuse since I just ate. Following a dirt road out of Rawlins I head back into the basin.

There are some very short bouts of drizzle during the day which is appreciated to keep the temperatures down. A car crammed full of dudes passes by to offer me a beer but otherwise it's a lonely and isolating on the hike. I manage to do 30mi(48km) by 2000h.

I wake early and pass a SOBO hiker, Cool Beans. I catch Horse Ford who didn't stay in town over night and we hike together for a bit as I listen to him complain about all his gear. We reach a piped spring and I see Big Steppa who I met back in NM. We hike out together until arriving at the next water source. I take a midday nap as Big Steppa continues on.

Hiking again I pass SOBO hiker, Tommy Hawk, and catch up to Big Steppa. By the end of the day the terrain begins to change slowly as trees appear along with some rocky outcrops. I manage another 40mi(64km) day as I camp and a bird dive bombs my tent as the sun sets.

Some light rain passes by overnight so I have another wet wake up. I push hard to reach the trailhead for today, passing Big Steppa still in his tent sleeping. At the top of a hill I am greeted by a sheep dog, her three puppies and two baby lambs. Half a mile further a border collie comes out of the trees and whines at my feet. Unsure of what it wants I keep going to the road. I dry my gear out as I try to hitch into town. Eventually a local girl out taking some photos brings me to Riverside.

I head over to Bear Trap restaurant to eat a burger, tater tots, and a large pizza. I meet SOBO hiker Thumper and his wife Locomotive. I end up eating way more than I should and spend an hour doubled over, puking twice. Gadget and Big Steppa arrive in town and two other hikers, Lobster and Baby Bucket. I join them again at the Bear Trap but this time only order a pitcher of cola. Big Steppa, Lobster, Baby Bucket and I split a room for the night as we spend the evening sharing stories. Lobster tells me about their Grand Enchantment Trail hike this year and I meet another SOBO hiker, Slim Jim.

I wake up early and head 1mi(1.6km) over to the next town of Encampment with Big Steppa for breakfast. The French toast was highly recommended and does not disappoint. Next is a stop at the post office to pickup new shoes, trekking poles, socks and battery pack. I mail some extra gear I have been carrying around ahead to Salida. I hitch out with Slim Jim and Big Steppa and we see a group of hikers at the trailhead trying to get into town. Old friends Diehard, Smoko, Liz and Songbird!

Wyoming border

I push and do 30mi(48km) and cross into the final state of my CDT hike, Colorado! I pass two tents in the evening twilight and am followed by an owl while I make my way to camp.

Colorado border

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