Trip Report Pt7: Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail

Still upset about wasting so much time in Sierra City, I set off like a devil possessed. I manage to do a 45 mile(72.4 km) day and then promptly pass out at camp. The only noteworthy thing to happen was coming across a hiker and their little pup that started back at Campo and had made it all the way here!

With adrenaline still pumping from yesterday's record breaking hike I set off to do 35 miles(56.3 km) to reach the next town of Belden today. The trail consisted of a large sustained climb followed by the inevitable large sustained descent. Near the end of the day, all the skin on the top of my toes had began to rub raw. The dust and sand plus sweat inside my rocks was an unpleasant combination.

Upon reaching the Belden resort I decided to stay the night to left my feet recover. During the night other complications arose, with non-stop diarrhea and near-complete dehydration.

Upon waking I felt awful. My stomach hurt and all my joints ached. When I went down to the restaurant to eat breakfast I had to make two trips to the bathroom where I almost blacked out. My head was spinning as I tried to put food and water back into my body.

The symptoms continued and my body continued to refuse to retain any liquids or solids. I spent the majority of the day lounging in the common area of the resort and decided to take a full rest day, hoping that the issues would pass quickly.

Getting out of bed I didn't feel any better than the day before. At breakfast another hiker gave me some imodium pills so that I could make an effort to control my bowel movements. I planned on taking another full day of rest.

Around midday I decided to hitch to the nearby town of Quincy to pick up more imodium pills since that had been slightly effective for me. A local couple picked me up and even offered me to stay at their cabin in Chester if I needed a place to recover. In Quincy I just bought more pills at the Rite-Aid and then went to try to pack in some calories at Subway. In the Subway a local began chatting with me and also eventually offered me to stay at his family house if my illness got worse. On the hitch back to Belden I was picked up by a lady who's husband had done the PCT in sections in the 90's. She offered her contact info if I needed a ride anywhere for medical attention. I couldn't believe how generous everyone was!

Back at the Belden resort I was feeling a little better. I was able to eat and hold it in mainly due to the amount of imodium pills I was taking. During the evening I chat with a local, Glen, at the bar for hours. I stay once more in resort over night.

The night passes soundly and I wake up feeling well. I stop taking any more imodium throughout the day and it seems like my body has recovered. Glen comes in again and we continue our chat.

In the afternoon the folks that I spent the night with in Sierra City catch up to me. I decide that I'm good enough to hike some more. We head out for only 2 miles(3.2 km) and set up camp. Unfortunately for me in the dead of night I wake up in a panic and expel a lot of diarrhoea.

I wake up feeling weak but decide to continue forward alone. The day's hiking is easy despite my light-headedness. My appetite begins to disappear and I don't each much all day.

Mount Lassen

In the evening I come across two older gentlemen who are providing trail magic. I drink a bunch of sugary drinks and eat a platter of fruit. Finally consuming something made me feel great. After hiking about twenty minutes from the magic though everything promptly exited my body and I decided to start chewing on imodium again.

Feeling annoyed I continued hiking into the evening, but stopping earlier than I'd planned. At the camp spot there was already another hiker, Dumbo. To my dismay in the middle of the night I was struck again with a tragic bathroom break. I also had the pleasure of having a deer try to yank my pack away at some point during my slumber as well.

Despite my bodily suffering I pressed on with the motivation to reach the official midpoint of the PCT(1325 miles(2132.4 km)). The trail is forgiving and I reach the marker before noon. Not feeling well at all I continue on and hitch into Chester.

After getting into town I go straight for the local walk-in clinic to have myself checked out. They don't provide any real answers or antibiotics, whilst I give them a stool sample. They say it'll take three days to get results so I go over to the cheapest motel to book my nights.

I visit the local library to use WiFi and then a pizza joint for lunch. Not a very exciting day.

I visit the local library to use WiFi and then a burger parlour for lunch. Not a very exciting day.

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