NOTE: Hi Lucky Hat here.
Lots of comments about this being shared on the FB groups, so I'm here to put a disclaimer:
  1. The following information is not a condemnation of the Florida Trail.
  2. I loved my thru hike of the FT in 2022 and would recommend the trail to others.
  3. The information is not exaggerated and is only provided to give an accurate assessment of the trail conditions using the information provided by the Florida Trail Association.
If you have information that counters this, please share it with the Florida Trail Association so they can update their GIS maps.

I thru-hiked the Florida Trail in 2022. Along with many other hikers I wondered how many miles of trail did I actually get to walk... It should be an easy question to answer right?

A quick google says less than 250 miles of road walk are on the trail. Anyone who has hiked the FT can tell you that number seems way too low.

Well I took the time to count all sections of trail as officially marked by the Florida Trail Association as found here.

According to the GIS information provided, there are only 586.41 miles of designated trail path if you follow east around Okeechobee and east around Orlando.

The FT for 2022 has over 521 miles of non-trail path or said another way over 47% of the trail is non-trail! Enjoy :)

This obviously is not 100% accurate since some sections of dirt/road are dubiously marked as trail, which means there is actually even less trail to walk... Below are some fun examples: