Korea May 2017

Ultralight Road Bicycle Touring
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Table of all items and weights

Item Description
1 Moment DW Tent stuffed inside a dry bag with polycro footprint
2 Wind Hard Tiny 2C quilt inside compression sack
3 Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad
4 Dry Bag ~8L, used for quilt and pad
5 Space Blanket emergency blanket
6 Tent Poles, Struts + Stakes 1, 4 + 2
Item Description
1 Camelback Bottle 750ml each
2 Snow Peak Ti Spork -
3 Swiss Army Classic -
4 Anker PowerCore 20100mah external battery
5 USB to AC -
6 Key for bike lock
7 SD Card 32gb spare for camera
8 Passport Canadian
9 Cables headphones and usb to micro-usb (multi use for phone, battery and camera)
10 Dry Bag ~2L, used for organizing the small items
11 Chapstick -
12 Mini Towel -
13 Floss 9m
14 Razor Blade disposable ProGlide
15 Notebook Moleskine
16 Toothpaste -
17 Duct Tape 1m
18 Toothbrush ultralight ☺
19 Medical Kit pre-made
20 Contact Lens Case -
21 Contact Solution, Suds, Sunscreen 30ml each
22 Deodorant -
23 Salsa Anything Cage Strap x4, to hold shit down
24 Salsa Anything Cage allows extra capacity on fork, attached with hose clamps
25 Spare Tubes -
26 Multitool -
27 Mini Pump with pressure gauge
28 Front Bike Light -
29 Rear Bike Light -
30 Tire Lever -
31 Smart Phone 4000mah battery gps and texting unit
Item Description
1 Casual Shirt cotton T
2 Pants chino, for dressing up
3 Shorts swim trunks
4 Icebreaker Merino Long Sleeve half-zip extra layer
5 Cycle Shorts protect the soft bits
6 Sleeveless Shirt -
7 Icebreaker Merino Boxer x2
8 Icebreaker Merino Low Cut Socks x2
9 Buff merino wool
10 Cycle Gloves fingerless
11 Nike Runners only footwear
12 Rain Pants Montbell Versalite
13 Raint Jacket Montbell Versalite
14 Baseball Cap sun protection
Bike Bags
Item Description
1 Apidura Handlebar Pack regular, 20L capacity
2 Apidura Saddle Pack regular, 17L capacity
3 Apidura Top Tube Pack extended, 0.8L capacity
4 Foldable 40L Pack fits all my gear
5 MSR Domedary 4L water bladder

Items missing in the photos are: bike lock, ac converter, credit card, zip ties, 4L dry bag for clothes, a few ziplock bags and the Sony Rx100 camera which was used to take these photos.

Bicycle Load-out for Korea 2017
Everything packed on the bike

Again here is the link to a weight breakdown for you gear junkies

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